The importance of good clinical research should not be underestimated. After all, the success or failure of a new drug depends on it, not to mention the health of millions of people. Its impact may be crystal-clear, but what actually constitutes good research? In our view, it is efficient, orderly, reliable, high-quality and therefore successful – all aspects that lie in the hands of clinical research professionals, the key figures in all research projects. This is what Madic is committed to.


Madic feels that clinical research professionals should be equal partners in the discussions with all parties involved in clinical research, from doctors to nursing staff. This naturally requires plenty of know-how, but also outstanding communication skills. There is a constant need to switch between different interests and levels of understanding. Not only are you required to steer, monitor and administrate, you are also the calling card of the pharmaceutical company  and CRO.


More and more often, pharmaceutical companies are outsourcing the organisation and implementation of their clinical research. That is quite understandable, as it is a dynamic activity that involves sharp increases in workload. That's why companies either bring in a CRO or contact Madic directly.


I think that’s a good development. After all, as its founder, I consider Madic the best solution for important pharmaceutical research, based on a flexible approach which keeps me keen and motivated. Madic allows me to develop in every area of the clinical research spectrum, and companies consider me a top-qualified professional who gets remarkable results from day one.


With a doctorate in health sciences, I like to combine my academic knowledge and skills with the dynamism and purposeful approach of the business sector. As I require constant stimulation and thrive on flexibility, I enjoy working on complex tasks for different clients. I love hearing that something is impossible, as this is where the challenge starts for Madic.


Madic brings order to chaos. Not just through an analytical approach, but also through its adaptable and decisive attitude. After all, this is first and foremost a people-focused activity. As most problems tend to be communication problems, it's useful if you are good with people, bring in new energy and get things done. My aim is to bring in a fresh perspective, so I like to be the person who asks questions, who is curious. Ultimately, that’s crucial to guarantee quality and commitment – not least on the part of the doctors who bear final responsibility for the research.


Madic is:

Highly qualified

Rapidly deployable

A strong communicator




What does Madic do?

Project management

Contract management



Administrative support


Who are Madic's clients?

Pharmaceutical companies








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